Thursday, April 26, 2018

Starting with GSoC 2018.

So this year, I applied to the Google summer of code and got in. Google summer of code, or GSoC, as it is usually called, is a program funded by Google that has helped open source grow for over a decade. Under this program, Google awards stipends to university students for contributing code to open source organizations during their summer breaks from the university. The details of the program can be found here: Starting with Google summer of code.

Now this year, I have been selected to work with GNU Octave. It is a free and open source software/ high level programming language which is primarily focused on scientific computing. It is largely compatible with MATLAB and is a brilliant open source alternative to it. More details about GNU Octave can be found at Free your numbers! Introducing GNU Octave.

My GSoC project is about adding a Command line suggestion feature to GNU Octave. Stay tuned, I will share the details of the project very soon.

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